The Beginning Everything started with our grandfather, Georgios Konstantas, who with passion and dedication transformed his love for flour into tradition, creating a watermill in 1944 in Kryoneri Lagada. This legacy continued with the creation of a bakery in 1984 by our father, Dimitrios Konstantas, founding in 2005 the company D. Konstantos Bros, with the same love and respect for the products we produce and share with all of you.

Course and Development The dedication to taste, the obsession with quality and above all your trust have given us many years of successful course in the field of bakery. That is why in our turn we would like to thank you in practice, offering you new innovative products, expanding our productive activity in the field of frozen pastry products.

Philosophy and Infrastructure The passion, the non-negotiable quality and the faith in our partners are the basis of our philosophy. Thus, investing in a future starring your needs, we have created a state-of-the-art industrial production unit for our new products. Our infrastructure is staffed by specialized staff and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, so as to ensure all the rules of hygiene, safety and quality controls throughout the production process (ISO 22000 certification)

Products and Innovation Staying true to our tradition to innovate, as in 1999 creating the first nationwide stuffed bun in Thessaloniki, in 2005 in the field of frozen pastry products with special sarikopites and the special kourou dough that you recognize and love so much, we make sure to keep your interest. After all, as you know those who trust us and as you will discover those who trust us in the future, our quality is not copied!

Vision and Mission Having created a state-of-the-art food industry, we envisioned to continue with consistency and a sense of responsibility a steady course of development in Greece and abroad. With this logic, the mission we set for the future of D. KONSTANTA BROS EE was formed. with a view to extroversion, opening up to new markets and creating innovative partnerships.

Strategy To achieve our goals we have designed three main strategic pillars:

  • The continuous investment in state-of-the-art technologies and remarkable partners
  • The production of excellent quality products at competitive prices
  • The promotion of the rich Greek tradition in taste.

Your daily bet for three generations is your trust, which is why it is the basis of our strategy.


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